Lisa Moscatiello, Psy.D.

Licensed clinical psychologist.

I believe that people enter psychotherapy because the ways in which they have been managing their pain are no longer working, they have become disconnected from their true sense of self, and they no longer feel authentic. My goal as a therapist is to help you to claim a deeper level of self-understanding, genuine intimacy with others, and a sense of purpose and agency in life.

Change can be difficult simply because we fear the unknown. A relationship with a therapist can provide a place of acceptance and safety from which to explore new ways of thinking and behaving. My approach is collaborative, engaged, and empathetic, and I am mindful of the impact of individual and collective trauma, including racial and cultural discrimination. My theoretical background is psychodynamic, and I incorporate techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and mindfulness-based approaches.I have a doctorate in clinical psychology from George Washington University. I did my practicum training at Howard University Counseling Service and completed an internship with the Wichita Collaborative Psychology Internship Program. I completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Princeton University Counseling and Psychological Services.I was born and raised in the DMV and now live in Maryland with my partner. I identify as white, cisgender, and gay. In prior careers, I have been a professional singer and a federal employee at the Library of Congress.My specialty areas include:
- Career burnout
- Student concerns (academic stress, social isolation)
- Stage of life issues (quarterlife, midlife)
- LGBTQ+ issues
- Individuals working in the arts
Experience with:
- Trauma/PTSD
- Autism spectrum
- Mood disorders
- Personality disorders


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